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NPL 2022 - DEN 15

Aktualizováno: 12. 8. 2022

Jezero Vestredalsvatnet - Breistølen Fjellstue, 55,10 km, + 1920 m



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Konečná pozice

1. 8. 2022


55,10 km

575,52 km

1920 m

Jezero Vestredalsvatnet

Breistølen Fjellstue

A small miracle, to do this stage after 1,5 days of incredible pain in my stomach which came out of nowhere after the Hardanger glacier crossing. I maybe never felt worse than the day before today's stage, I almost felt like NPL is over. I didn't eat anything the day before this run and this day I did it only on oat meal in the morning and 1 small energy drink and 1 sandwich during the day which I barely could eat, my stomach didn't hurt anymore, but couldn't take food. So happy to have this hard stage behind me in such state, and it didn't feel that hard. Probably because my legs had 1,5 days unplanned rest. Now Radka, my support, is sick, super in pain 😅 Ok, what's there next 😅🤦🏻‍♂️




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