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NPL 2022 - DEN 18

Tyinholmen - Maurvangsbrua, 51,73 km, + 2923 m



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5. 8. 2022


51,73 km

686,51 km

2923 m



Very cool and very long day. Started super super sleepy. Energy came back a bit a bit later. I was enjoying first sunny and relatively warm day in incredible sceneries.. Absolute highlight of yesterday was the evening summit of Besshøe. Simple but for me very strong mobile phone video from the highest top of my whole Norge på langs journey. I am so happy that I climbed to this stand alone mountain Besshøe on the eastern edge of Jotunheimen national park. I correctly expected breathtaking view towards east. It was very very satisfying and also a bit emotional to see Rondane mountains, Ruten massive (there I go tomorrow) and even Sølen mountains in far distance. I will never forget this view towards one of my 2 favorite parts of Norway - eastern Norway, full of indescribable mysterious places like Femundsmarka, which broke 💔 already 20 years ago... Still 300 km far but mentally siper close, here it gets much faster! I have the highest and this year super cold mountain of southern and middle Norway behind me in a super clean style and now, after 2 weeks without them, I will get to the woods again :) My dream, doing first really legit "trail crossing of Norway" without any asphalt is alive!!! 🤗🤗🤪




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