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  • Obrázek autoraRadka Minksová

NPL 2022 - DEN 21

Gålå - Bjørnstulen, 12,86 km, + 183 m



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8. 8. 2022


12,86 km

773,06 km

183 m



Absolutely shitty day

Had to stop after a few km, could not run even downhill, stomach problems returned... I thought that it was really serious, last week I lost too much weight, despite every days activity, my legs were getting thinner and thinner. Due to not enough nutrients because of bad digestion. Even if I felt ok during last days, I was not... I decided to give body one afternoon rest and change in diet. Because like this you have no chance to do necessary 40 - 50 km a day in the mountains necessary to finish in time. And it is not fun to walk even downhill... Strange, NEVER had this problem before....

And quite frustrating, because I have time limit, a very important bike film project in second half of September in Reisa/Lyngen...

I invested so much time, all money, so much nerves and sacrificed so many jobs, even relationships to this project... and and I am weak due to digestive problems I never suffer from in normal life.

I expected problems with skin, joints, fatigue... but not this at all.. Damn...




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