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NPL 2022 - DEN 22

Bjørnstulen - Storfjellsætra, 54,03 km, + 2009 m



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9. 8. 2022


54,03 km

827,09 km

2009 m



Crossing Ringebu / E6 valley - evening rebirth

Incredible day... Felt better in the morning, a lot better, with totally different super simple food for breakfast. I started easy, climb to Nårkampen ridge, incredibly beautiful place, surrounded by picturesque old farms... It looks like our Czech Krkonoše mountains, totally different Norway. I noticed, that the body engine was working a bit better right from the start, easier to walk up. Crossing huge civilised Ringebu valley was fun, and really hard, to do it without alsphalt road... Had to cross many very steep farm gardens trying not to be seen 🤦🏻‍♂️😅 But I did it, a clean as possible spent on alsphalt only max 25 meters. Wooden bridge, 4x asphalt road crossing, and a few km of gravel road. Filmed everything, it will be funny part in the film series 😉 Above Ringebu a miracle... After maybe 400 km without them, fields of ripe blueberries started. I was more eating then then moving. For sure I ate a kilo... This way I celebratted crossing 800 km. And... that was absolute game changer... my body, stomach... felt so good! I started really running last 23 km section very late, rainy weather, partly very difficult terrain... and... I never felt stronger.. I could run even uphill, on wet stones, like TOTALLY different reality... And made it fast despite last kilometers are really hard to run and navigate even in daylight and dry weather.

I realized that the problems are a lot connected with a lot of stress of the last months and decided to get rid of a few toxic people. That moment energy boosted.

I hope, that it will stay like this, because the first 800 km were definitely not as good and fast as it could be.




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