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NPL 2022 - DEN 23

Storfjellsætra - Otnes, 59,02 km, + 1139 m



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10. 8. 2022


59,02 km

886,11 km

1139 m



Going east... Storfjellseter - Atna - Otnes in Rendalen

Started late, at 12. I felt yesterday's crazy night run on my joints, but relatively easy terrain and good working "body engine" made this long day feel really easy... I am so happy that I felt good in my stomach and power that I felt last time in Hardangervidda is back. Yes!! 🙏

Crossing Atna river Valley was fun and I did it again totally without asphalt roads, I just crossed about 8 meters of E3 road. I used small rubber boat instead of the bridge.

When I was inflating it, it was on the sun and the outer biggest air chamber exploded just when I wanted to start🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😅

So I did it on the small inner air chamber. But it was sunny day, so why not, not a big risk.

Evening on remote Gråkletten mountain was absolutely magic. What a sunset and round views... I feel that my absolutely beloved Femundsmarka and the Swedish border is getting close.

My NPL trip feels so much different last 2 days, after the weak 8 days, when I know that if I need to push it, it will work...

I feel how the different berries, especially blueberries and cloudberries, together with fresh mountain water, absolutely made my body engine healthy again.




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