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NPL 2022 - DEN 48

Jakobsbakken - Sulitjelma - Leirvatnet, 35,05 km, + 1733 m



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Počáteční pozice

Konečná pozice

10. 9. 2022


35,05 km

1935,54 km

1733 m



One goal. Starting to cross the hardest part of Norway in a clean style, which means staying in Norway and a week of endless climbing, exploring, wading glacier rivers, crossing glaciers etc. First bypassed old mining towns Sulitjelma without asphalt. Cool thing. Then above Ny Sulitjelma, Frank Hagen, a friend from Lofoten, founder of the Arctic Triple races, joined me for the first part of this hardest part, so we could do much much better shots for the film and film series and climb harder stuff. Words can't describe how wild and beautiful this area was... 5 years long dream came true these days, our line was absolutely stunning. These dew pics from phone say absolutely nothing, watch the next days



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