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Waking up by a sheep family, trying to eat our car. Immediately after I open my eyes, I feel I have to do a change today. As I said to myself yesterday. I will not start running before I am in the present day with these articles. So I immediately start writing 5 long articles. All the details about "what and why" are in the previous post about Day 8.

It is a cloudy day, much colder, but not too cold. It would be a perfect long running day. Nevermind, most important is to get rid of the stress, write all the articles and answer all the emails etc.

Because it's cloudy, the solar panels don't work so well today and we will be using a lot of electricity the whole day. Radka found a camping place nearby in a village Suleskard, about 15 km west of our position in a deep valley.

We get there, a very nice place, pay small price and plug the car to the electricity and start charging everything we have. And I continue my writing marathon until now. After I finish writing it, I have to answer all the emails, finish my Instagram posts and after I will be finished, I will pack my gear for the next 3 unsupported days in very harsh wild mountains of northern Setesdalheiene

From tomorrow my NPL trip continues the way I want. Anyway... The first 1000+ kilometers is more or less a must, I ran it last year, so I can't wait to be in my beloved Femundsmarka again, where the biggest fun will start in a few weeks. Now the biggest goal will be to get there as soon as possible. With clean head without too big "media stress" it will be so much easier... At least I hope so


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