Imagine runnning alone 50 km every day in total wilderness, filming everything interesting on the way using several cameras and drones, choosing, editing and posting parts of daily footage online, ideally the same day and also getting some food and sleep...  It simply does not go well together for very long.

Doing it for 2 months? Insanity! It is not the pain in your muscles. Your biggest enemy on the trail is TIME...

In the past we were not be able to document such difficult long journey in high enough quality. Nobody would, maybe except of the richest outdoor-sport oriented TV teams like RED BULL with several very fit filmmakers and big editing car and huge budget. But that would destroy the atmosphere of a small lonely free expedition. Petr has decided to all of this alone. 

That's why we've been working on perfecting this whole process for several years.


Petr even started NPL in 2019, but decided to stop it after some days, because with his previous team and experience, the details were not solved. It is a project about moving through beautiful nature, about running. So the filming style shall be dynamic, to show the whole process in the most authentic and cinematic way.

This means the usage of "moving cameras" = drones and stabilised cameras on gimbals.

It sounds logical, but the problem was the size and weight of such gear. It is very hard to move with all this film gear through the remote mountains and film someone who is light and. After one such day even very fit filmmaker is usually wasted. There are just a few filmmakers capable doing it in high quality anywhere for many days in a row. Petr is one of them. But the problem was that here Petr was the main actor/runner. And he needed someone to film him with quality drone and camera in the hardest parts. It was just a few years before the right new small smart technology came.

Time was too tight, budgets even tighter. The old film team lost the main drone on the Day 1 and also generally was not able to capture and especially share such a unique complex adventure in the quality it deserves. So, with heavy heart, Petr has stopped it after just 9 days. He simply did not want to waste such uqique themeIt was mentally very hard but incredibly valuable lesson. 


Every detail must be planned and you have to start such extreme project with really clean head and absolutely motivated loyal people in your team. Because it is not a dream holiday, but f*ckin hard job for many weeks in a row ;-)

And paradoxly, running, no matter how hard it is as well, is the easiest part of it... Honestly...


The biggest problem for Petr isn't the running or filming, but sharing daily reports on social media and web. The worst time earter!


Finally, in 2022, the quality, size and weight of the filming equipment has developed enormously. Petr will be using several different types of drones and cameras, 360 technology, phones, many different tripods, mounts, hoders, selfie sticks, powerbanks, apps, wireless microphones, unlimited internet etc. Nowadays, while still being relatively light for multiple days of running, you can capture yourself are in good quality literally anywhere. In motion, from the air, under water, in the worst weather while being alone in the most remote wilderness. 

Compared to possibilities just 2-3 years ago, this is a huge gamechanger!

Today Petr finally doesn't need anybody filming him on his run. It will mean ultimate authenticity in still relatively great 4K image quality.

Radka will use high quality full-frame cameras and will take care of creating the backstage materials and video interviews with Petr when he will be by the car while crossing the roads. She will also be responsible (beside driving the car, food suplying etc.)  for editing photos, videos for daily reports which Petr films on the run.

We have been closely working together on this process last 6 months. There will be several small training trips in cool parts of Northern Norway during this spring 2022, the last weeks before NPL.

We hope that our experience and material preparedness have developed to the level, where even very small team has a chance to do things, which were up until recently impossible in this brutally authentic way even for big TV crews.


We will try to reach new level of capturing and sharing such complex outdoor project. At the same time, we will put huge emphasis on preserving the authentic and genuine spirit of a small pure adventurous journey. That's why we choose to be very small team. Hard to say if we can succeed alone on such a hard task. Norway is a country, where nothing is certain. But the following video perfectly describes our philosophy...

"If you are going to try... Go all the way!"


Every year, the gear is getting smaller, smarter, lighter and image quality better.