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As you can see here, this project is innovative and very complex. We simply think differently. We have never seen similarly extreme running or hiking project being documented and shared the way we do. It will also be the first serious commitment to make this extraordinary adventure, which Norge på langs truly is, famous behind the borders of Norway.

After the successful completion of our NPL journey in summer 2022, the adventure is far from over. In fact the run across Norway itself is just the first of three phases of a long term outdoor project. More about it HERE

We offer you being part of one of the most interesting adventure stories of the decade...


Generally said, such hard project requires many material things (filming equipment, outdoor gear and clothes, food, etc.) and also money for covering the raw costs (renting big car, fuel, ferry-boat tickets, toll roads, unlimited internet on the road etc.)

The inevitable raw cost of the first phase of this project is roughly 121 000 NOK (12 100 EUR) - details HERE 


Our cooperation can have many forms like donation, sponsorship, win-win barter or buying our photo and video services.


It depends on the range of provided support. Support means: financial contribution, supplying or in cases like car even lending product.

2 000 NOK (200 EUR) - entrance value of support. For this contribution you will get adequately visible logo in the section Partners of this webpage. Your logo will also appear in the final subtitles of the NPL movie and film series. You will also get 3 movie copies for free.

2 000 - 20 000 NOK (200 - 2 000 EUR) - in this range of provided support exists wide variety of different forms of cooperation. Please read the section WHAT WE OFFER below. Choose one or more most suitable or sympathetic options and let's negotiate together the amount and content.

20 000 NOK  (2000 EUR) and more - you are automatically becoming one of the main partners of the NPL project. You will be automatically mentioned on the most visible positions and places in all of the media outputs. Your logo will also be presented in the footer on every page of this web-page. If you wish, we can create you dedicated bilingual page in the section PARTNERS, which will be filled either with your media or with media which we will create for you. Please have a look at our photo work and video work. We are open to smart forms of sustainable longer term cooperation.

If you like our project so much, that you want to become its general partner or investor, you can get very individual, possibly also exclusive attitude and rights.

It's impossible to exactly specify here all the possibilities. We would like to discuss each cooperation individually and we would love to hear your ideal vision. Let's have an honest talk about it please.​ Release your fantasy...


We can repay you your help in several traditional ways like product placement​ and logo placement. We can also create you taylor made visual brand content. Maybe we can start a long term cooperation and which might also bring you new business deals. Please read the details below. We are open to your suggestions. 


Let your products be authentic visible part of highly followed multi-layered outdoor story. We will share this NPL story in several types of media outputs. If you provide us with products we need, they will be seen in:


  • Detailed daily blog posts on this webpage - each day of the run will have dedicated blog-post on this web-page. Such blog-post will consist of exact statistics and map, short article, photo gallery of the day and sometimes even more sophisticated video of each day. These blog-posts will be one of the main sources of info for the future generations of NPL hikers or runners.

  • Daily social media posts - every day we'll publish Instagram and Facebook stories and posts. It will be simple but authentic photos and short videos straight from the run and also from the back-stage. We can show your products and tag your social media or web-page. We will also use these social media channels to redirect the audience to the above mentioned daily blog-posts on this web-page.

  • Daily videos - some days we will produce more sophisticated 2-5 min videos with maps, interview and highlights of the day. These videos will be part of the above mentioned blog-posts. These short films will be posted on Youtube and Facebook and from there will also be shareable by anyone anywhere.

  • Feature length film "Alone across Norway" - we believe, that this project is strong enough theme for hopefully the best trail running adventure film documentary ever. A very complex and deep topic itself. We could talk for days about all the details regarding this movie. Please ask us any question you need to answer. 

  • Film series - a series of detailed 10-20 min videos about different aspects of the project, such as logistics, filming on the run, nutrition, training etc. In this film series we will use material which will not make it into the final movie Alone across Norway.

  • Detailed web-page about Norge På Langs - social media can disappear in the future, but this web-page will stay here forever for all future NPL hikers/runners etc. It will consist of all the above mentioned outputs + many much more new information added every year.

  • Book - paper book with a lot of pictures, describing the whole 5 year mental process even deeper than the movie and film series

More information about these media outputs HERE

Obviously, we will also visit and present the whole thing on various adventure film festivals, running events, podcasts, TV news, etc.



Another way of raising awareness about your company is logo placement. All depends on how deeply you want to co-operate with us. Again, please let's talk individually about your ideal vision. There are several places where and how your logos can be visible.


  • All our partners and also smaller supporters will be adequately mentioned in the special section (placed visibly in the main menu) dedicated to the partners​

  • Main partners can have logos in the footer of each page of the website + individual logo placement agreement is negotiable​

  • Main partners can have dedicated informative page in the section Partners

Daily reports on social media

Your logo can appear in some parts of the daily reports

  • Daily blog-post videos  - logos appear at the end of each daily video (details in the section "Product placement" above) 

  • Instagram stories - logos of our partners can appear on the last Instagram story of each day. We can also create dedicated Instagram stories or posts just for our partners. All of these "Insta-stories" will be saved even for future followers.

Film, film series, book, car, backpack, clothes etc.

Let's discuss these possibilities individually.



We can produce cool audio-visual materials with your products in the most beautiful country of Europe or even later in your country.


  • A) Materials from the expedition in Norway 

    Our trip will be long and we will be producing media every day.

    Your products can be natural part of our running expedition, where they will be captured and shared on photos, videos, social media posts or articles - see product placement above.

    But we can also create you stand-alone artistic brand materials, which are NOT related to our project. It can be almost anything, within our time limits on the expedition. For this, the nature of Norway offers fantastic sceneries.


  • B) Materials after the expedition 

    Maybe you like our project, but you do not produce products related to this running/adventure topic. You can still support our expedition and we will create you great promotional video or other promotion materials about your company, products or activities. Even in your country. 


Beside this NPL project, we are doing unusual things the whole year. Together we can create things which were never done before. Run Norge På Langs project can be just the first step.

Similarly attractive projects also help to "open the door" for new co-operations with new partners. Thanks to our knowledge of the Czech (+ Central European) and Norwegian "outdoor scenes" we might be able to connect interesting subjects and create even stronger projects in the near future.



"Extreme sport aspect" of this project is just one of many "layers". Our aims are deeper than this. In fact we are much better filmmakers and storytellers than runners. After 5 years of planning and practicing, this project is now perfectly prepared. It will draw the attention of many different target groups. Runners, thru-hikers, travelers, all active Norwegians and simply all people who are interested in mountains, mind-blowing nature of Norway, motivation and self-development, healthy lifestyle etc.


With the right partners, we'll be able to tell even stronger story, which will captivate the attention of all people who like extreme adventures without sure end.


We love big challenges and we have experience in creating sport documentaries. We are filmmakers, who think deeply about what they are doing. This is not a job, this is lifestyle and NPL is Petr's big dream. We are very active sportsmen and we dare to say we generally know the nature of Norway more than most Norwegians. We are now living in northern Norway, where we are creating and training basicaly every day.

This project is in our minds and hearts for several years, it is perfectly planned and prepared and we are ready to give it all we have!

Let's create something truly amazing together...

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