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This project is really challenging in terms of logistics. We need a van or a smaller handy camping car. Big car is necessary for more reasons.

BASE - our NPL trip is a running project and a film project at the same time. This means, the runner needs to have relatively light backpack, up to 15 kg on multi-day segments. It is not possible, for anybody, to run unsupported with big 25+ kg backpack full of food for weeks, especially not for so many days. So the runner must have a small support team. One, sometimes 2 people.

The whole 3000 km trail is divided into many shorter segments with "resupply points". Usually on places where the runner will be crossing a road or a civilized place. There the runner will meet the support car, resupply, change the batteries and SD cards with filmed footage, he will film the daily message for the social media, get care of small injuries etc. Then he continues running and the team will drive to the next resupply point, where they meet again, sometimes several days later.

DSC08503-Edit - kopie.jpg

Editing daily reports in the middle of the night on remote and totally empty road in northern Norway 

EDITING ROOM - important aspect of the trip is "Editing and posting materials on the road". We want to bring the audience many daily reports (details here). That's why the support team has to have bigger car with electricity, internet and table, where it is possible to spend long hours working on computer, cook and sleep, no matter the bad weather outside etc. 


Waiting on a strategic point near the road where the runner can resupply, film daily interview and then continue.

​It is simply impossible for the support team to spend more than 2 months on the front seats of fully loaded small car, during long cold rainy days somewhere in Jotunheimen or Finnmark, without the possibility to sleep, cook, edit movies and photos in the car. This is Norway. Weather absolutely affects this project. So we must be prepared for the worst case scenario. We need something like VW California or Ford Tourneo Nugget. Bigger camping cars can't drive on the small curvy mountain roads. A mid size van can work too, but as you can see on the pictures below from 2021 training mission, without dedicated table, kitchen and bed, it is a mess and a hell a lot of re-packing work several times a day, because all things are in boxes all around the car.


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