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„We care, you drive“ - Flexible renting of all kinds of personal cars without any worries.

Our cooperation

We are first of all outdoor sport's filmmakers who constantly travel around the most beautiful natural parts of Europe, especially to the remote areas of Scandinavia. Guaranteed mobility and maximal flexibility is an essential thing for us. What do we mean? Each of our projects is different. Once we need a fast handy combi / estate car, which can easily swallow thousands of kilometers across Europe. A few months later we need to switch to a reliable 4x4 car suitable for the long harsh Scandinavian winter. Sometimes we need a spacious van or a camping car, which serves as a home on 4 wheels and an editing room, as for example now during this extreme running and filming expedition in Norway. We are using the services of Mototechna Drive already for 2 years. Since then, the traveling and working is much more free...


We are not closing any risky long term contracts, which is especially valuable in this turbulent times. Each 6 months we get a brand new high quality and reliable fully insured car! We can choose how many kilometers we drive. There are no more threats of unexpected high costs and painful troubles with repairs. No more unplanned immobility. No more annoying bureaucracy, taxes, highway fees etc. And what's best, all the nightmares connected with selling a used car are gone!

After many experiences with ponderous leasings or huge expenses when buying a brand-new car in cash, all the troubles and bad energy connected with driving and owning a car, are gone. Honestly and seriously. Incredible relief, who knows, knows... 

The motto of Mototechna Drive „We care, you drive“ is really no empty marketing slogan. All the energy and time (and nerves), which we used to spend on "owning a car" can be now used for the creation and "earning money" itself. Which, in the end, pays-off even financially. 

We are really happy that we teamed up with Mototechna Drive for this crazy Norwegian running film project. Our brand-new fantastic camper Ford Nugget is an essential part of possible success on such an extreme and tricky adventure - for details see CAR 

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