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NPL 2022 - DAY 17

Lake Otrøvatnet - Tyinholmen, 34,01 km, + 1176 m


Days total

Distance today

Total distance

Elevation gain

Start position

End position

3. 8. 2022


34,01 km

634,78 km

1176 m

Lake Otrøvatnet


Finall very RUNNABLE terrain, but my engine (stomach) was so broken, not painful, but super dizzy and "on water". I couldn't even run downhill. So I took it really very easy, because there is no rush, I want to wait for 1 day of good weather tomorrow in Jotunheimen to climb 1 of the higher peaks (it is snowing there now) before I turn left to Femundsmarka. Hopefully all will be fine again in the next days.




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