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NPL 2022 - DAY 39

Storelva (Børgefjell) - Harvasstua, 54,14 km, + 1278 m


Days total

Distance today

Total distance

Elevation gain

Start position

End position

30. 8. 2022


54,14 km

1549,90 km

1278 m

Storelva (Børgefjell)


Woke up in a wind shelter by the lake very early, I knew there were long and hard stage ahead of me, without any trails, bridges etc. . Incredibly painful feet, could barely walk after waking up. But it got better after about 10 km when I got to hard terrain. You just have to keep moving no matter what.. Funny, how soft swamp makes my feet much more painful than rocks. Totally different movement for the tendons and joints.

Super cold windy weather with drizzles in one of the wildest Nature I have ever seen... Incredible views, and mind blowing solitude...

I was really REALLY happy in the evening to reach Sámi settlement Storvollen...




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