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NPL 2022 - DAY 50

Ragohytta - Gjerdalen, 47,89 km, + 2827 m


Days total

Distance today

Total distance

Elevation gain

Start position

End position

12. 9. 2022


47,89 km

2021,13 km

2827 m



Not even in my wildest dreams would I dare to think that I could do an absolutely crazy and hard line like this on my real Norge på Lang's crossing. Well... with strong and really really overall fit guy like Frank Hagen (The Arctic Triple man) from Lofoten, we did it. Wow.. words can't describe how absolutely grateful and also a bit proud I am for this crossing, it had it all. Most mind blowing Nature, glacier, fantastic exposed ridge climbing, dreamt of summit with most incredible views over the Norwegian Yosemite and much more.... and we were so lucky with the weather. So lucky! I forgot to switch of my watch, there was also a bivouac in this activity, it would not be possible to do it with our heavy backpack in 1 day, sorry for that. I got mind boggling film shots of the best what Norwegian nature has to offer. Thank you so much Frank for coming And doing this crazy adventure together!!And Radka for supporting us! And what's best... it was not staged just for film, it was all done while being very tired during the real long crossing of the whole Norway. I feel now absolute peace of mind and gratefulness... If my journey ended here, I would be happy... I have about 2050 km through the best Nature, all without using asphalt roads, all only in Norway.. I climbed so many chosen summits... Wow! Really??😲 But... Still about 800 km and one more summit (Halti) is ahead of me. And today the second part of the hardest part of Norway, alone again. Let's see how far I can go before the winter arrives, I am here super late in the season...




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