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NPL 2022 - DAY 65

Sieimahytta - Reisa Lodge, 25,88 km, + 65 m


Days total

Distance today

Total distance

Elevation gain

Start position

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1. 10. 2022


25,88 km

2593,79 km

65 m


Reisa Lodge

Packrafting Reisa River from Seima to Reisa Lodge

Packrafting intermezzo, which did not make my overall NPL running any shorter, because I did 30 km long detour from Halti to Vuomatakka, just to packrat the river. Without this detour, which includes the river part, the overall running would be shorter than my route which includes also the river part. I did it for the experience and for the film. Reisadalen is a very special place for me...




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