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Purely natural healthy energy drinks which boost your body and protect your imune system.​

Our cooperation

Norwegian Energy really aren't just another energy drinks like all the others. They don't contain absolutely any artificial ingredients and all the raw materials are of purely natural origin, coming mainly from the pure forests, mountains and sea of Northern Norway.

I would never use a classic sweet energy drink full of sugar, caffein and all kinds of artificial junk on a long demanding expedition like this. That would be the fastest way to terminate it. No, thanks, I really appreciate and like my livers ;-) 

On the contrary, Norwegian Energy drinks based on raw sea weed, blueberries, herbs, yerba mate tea etc. will be welcomed refreshment during my re-supply visits on my long journey across the Norwegian wilderness. These re-supply visits by the support car will be in the points, where my Norge på langs path will be crossing the asphalt roads.

Norwegian Energy was established by very cool Norwegian Captain Mads Bækkelund, a star of several popular adventurous TV series Oppdrag Sognefjord and Oppdrag Nord Norge. In these cool TV series, Mads took many famous athletes on board of his ship Fjord Vision and drove them to the coolest spots of the Norwegian coast. Professional snowboarders, sky divers, climbers, elite skiers etc. Many of them were drinking sweet unhealthy energy drinks every day. Mads has decided to save his friend's livers and kidneys and this way the interesting story of Norwegian Energy has begun...

I met Mads this spring in the magical area called Lyngen, my current home, where he gets many of the ingredients for his healthy drinks and where soon the new Norwegian Energy factory will be established. I really like his clean intention and I am happy that we joined powers on this super hard running film project. All kinds of Norwegian Energy will be more than needed this crazy summer...

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