As you can see, this project is innovative and very complex. We simply think differently. We have never seen similarly extreme running or hiking project being documented and shared the way we do. It will also be the first serious commitment to make this extraordinary adventure, which Norge på langs truly is, famous behind the borders of Norway.

We offer you being part of one of the most interesting adventure projects of the year.

"Extreme sport aspect" of this project is just one of many "layers". Our aims are deeper than this. In fact we are much better filmmakers and storytellers than runners. After 5 years of planning and practicing, this project is now perfectly prepared. It will draw the attention of many different target groups. Runners, travelers, Norwegians and simply all people who are interested in mountains, Norway, motivation and self-development, healthy lifestyle etc.

With the right partners, we'll be able to tell strong story, which will captivate the attention of all people who like extreme adventures without sure end. Please see below what we offer.


1) Product placement

Let your products be authentic part of highly followed multi-layered outdoor story. There are several media outputs of this project. 

  • Feature length film "Alone across Norway"

  • ONLINE daily publishing straight from the expedition

  • Film series - Norge på langs and other king trails

  • Detailed web-page 

  • Book

Please read all details about these media outputs HERE

After the successful completion of our NPL journey, the project is far from over. Obviously, we will also visit various adventure film festivals, running events, podcasts, TV news, etc. However, the main output will be the aforementioned feature film and related film series, as well as this detailed website. Our immodest goal is to make the term Norge på langs known in the community of adventurers and runners all around the world. And it is this website, full of detailed information about every aspect of the journey, that will serve as their main source of inspiration and information.

And you can be a part of it all forever...


2) Taylor made visual brand content

We can produce cool audio-visual materials with your products in the most beautiful country of Europe or even later in your country.



    Your products can be authentic part of our NPL expedition, visible in all the media outputs. Our trip will be long and we will be producing media every day. We can create and share photos, videos, social media posts or articles with your products related to our running/expedition process.

    We can also create stand-alone materials not directly related to our project. It can be almost anything, within our time limits on the expeditions. We can produce artistic materials in the spectacular nature of Norway for the promotion of your product itself,  independently of our project. 



    Maybe you like our project, but you do not produce products related to this running/adventure topic. You can still support our expedition and we will create you great promotional video or other materials about your company, products or activities. Even in your country.

In order to create audience, from the end of May 2022, we'll start producing attractive reports from the preparations for the expedition on social media and here on the webpage. We are now living alternately in the Lyngen Alps and Lofoten islands in Northern Norway. It means that we have an incredibly beautiful playground for almost any outdoor activity. We will capture and share preparations for the project, such as physical training, logistics, creation of daily reports, preparation and packaging of things for the event and more.


All of this creates space for presenting our partners, even more than a month before the actual NPL project starts (late June 2022).

3) Long term cooperation and new business deals in both Scandinavian and Central European markets

Beside this NPL project, we are doing unusual things the whole year. Together we can create things which were never done before.

Similarly attractive projects also help to "open the door" for new co-operations with new partners. Thanks to our knowledge of the Czech (+ Central European) and Norwegian "outdoor scenes" we might be able to connect interesting subjects and create even stronger projects in the near future.


We love big challenges and we have experience in creating sport documentaries. We are filmmakers, who think deeply about what they are doing. This is not a job, this is lifestyle and NPL is Petr's big dream. We are very active sportsmen and we dare to say we generally know the nature of Norway more than most Norwegians. We are now living in northern Norway, where we are creating and training basicaly every day.

This project is in our minds and hearts for several years, it is perfectly planned and prepared and we are ready to give it all we have!

Let's create something truly amazing together...

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