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NPL 2022 - DAY 36

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Almoseteren - Skorovatn, 63,31 km, + 2638 m


Days total

Distance today

Total distance

Elevation gain

Start position

End position

25. 8. 2022


63,31 km

1411,25 km

2638 m



Hardest and probably most memorable day on my Norge På Langs journey... After feeling super exhausted the day before after endless bushwhacking across so many cliffs, later thick forests and wet slow swamps, when I ended the day just after 27 km in early evening. I was eating a looot after 3 unsupported days, took vitamins and "iont drinks", and then I woke up fresh, very early, into a wonderful summer day. 602 vertical metres as a warmup, to fantastic view mountain Andorfjellet and then incredible off-trail in Alaska like nature down to Luru river valley. Crossed the river 2x, once almost swimming, then another off-trail crossing of another wild ridge towards the asphalt road 74 connecting Grong and Lierne. Here I waded the really big river and climbed super steep up towards abandoned farm of Berg. It was around 6 in the evening and it was still almost 35 km to Skorovatn. It was supposed to be trail, but it was only on the first 3 km from Berg. Then it turned into marked Off-trail and soon into unmarked off-trail. Absolutely wild and beautiful, but so hard to read in late evening... Which was huge problem, it was really dark already and the terrain became super hard, bushy and Rocky. I was trying to run and hike as hard as I could, with my amazing small dog Čenda. Luckily I had maybe the best power on my NPL, so we managed to get to the lake Midtre Nesåvatnet just before it got totally dark. From here the trail was sometimes again visible and marked. We continued high across dark rocky Mountains several more hours to Skorovatn. It was mysterious mystical night, quite warm, clean skies, I saw the first Aurora Borealis of the new season. So many emotions.

These 63 km and 2630 vertical meters had it all, and the difficulties of the terrain and 8th day in a row made it feel like 100 km on normal hard trails. At least...

But I was so happy to leave Skjækerfjella after 3 super super tiring days and get close t9 another Challenge.. Børgefjell... Incredible memories and fantastic shots for the upcoming movie....




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